01. The Invisible Rules
      ︎︎︎  Berlin - London 2021—2023
02. SuperRare NFTs
︎︎︎  Miami Art Basel 2022
03. Delusions of Granduer
      ︎︎︎  London - Tokyo 2023—2024

01. Worship Pendant
02. Icarus Uptempos
03. Dunno X Coral Limited Edition T

01. Koppel Art Gallery
    ︎︎︎ London 01.10. {2022}
02. Subtitle Labs
    ︎︎︎ London 03.01—06. {2022}
03. Holy Art Fair
  ︎︎︎ London 03.31—04.02 {2023}
04. Contrast Gallery
    ︎︎︎ Tokyo 01.17—21 {2024}

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High quality prints available upon request. 2-3 weeks.

Coral, a London-based artist, draws inspiration from her multicultural upbringing, blending tech-noir, sci-fi, and mythology in her paintings. Growing up amid diverse cultures, from the Caribbean to the United States, she explores the dynamics of identity and societal norms in the context of modernity and ancient myths. Her art serves as a bridge between her rich heritage and the fast-paced, tech-driven cities she's lived in, sparking contemplation on the interplay between tradition and progress.

In her artwork, Coral delves into narratives surrounding internet archetypes, brand worship, social media expectations, and the complexities of personal and cultural identity. Influenced by mythological figures, Tarot symbolism, the cult of Nike, Renaissance art, Tech Noir, Dystopian Punk Anime, and religious iconography, she challenges what she calls "The Invisible Rules."

Her journey from the Caribbean to the Northeast of the United States, and later to vibrant cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, and London, has fueled her work. Berlin, in particular, ignited a spark within Coral, motivating her to shed light on the subtle societal norms that unconsciously shape our lives in the digital age. Through her art, Coral invites us to explore the intricate tapestry of the human experience, transcending borders and inspiring thought-provoking dialogue.