01. The Invisible Rules
      ︎︎︎  Berlin - London 2021—2023
02. SuperRare NFTs
︎︎︎  Miami Art Basel 2022
03. Delusions of Granduer
      ︎︎︎  London - Tokyo 2023—2024

01. Worship Pendant
02. Icarus Uptempos
03. Dunno X Coral Limited Edition T

01. Koppel Art Gallery
    ︎︎︎ London 01.10. {2022}
02. Subtitle Labs
    ︎︎︎ London 03.01—06. {2022}
03. Holy Art Fair
  ︎︎︎ London 03.31—04.02 {2023}
04. Contrast Gallery
    ︎︎︎ Tokyo 01.17—21 {2024}

DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR  Embark on an exhilarating artistic journey as Coral Garvey unveils her latest collection in the heart of Tokyo— Shibuya at the infamous Contrast GalleryA magnificent chrome unicorn takes center stage, a majestic embodiment of extravagant aspirations and fanciful dreams, inviting viewers to contemplate the intersection of opulence and imagination in the pursuit of greatness. Follow @M3Coral around Tokyo!


As a multidisciplinary artist with a rich multicultural background, Coral pushes the boundaries of tech-noir, delving deep into the realms of symbology and societal norms.

Run for Your Life depicts our main figure in action, at the same time very still. Surrounded by four hounds almost moving faster than she. We cannot see what they are chasing, or the excitement in which the hounds are represented, similarly you cannot see your future although you are constantly running towards it.

Oil on Canvas 120cm x 120cm

FIVE YEAR PLAN the central figure assumes a crouching position, poised to spring into action at any given moment. Symbolizing a recurring theme of Fate, a spider delicately weaves its web, representing a search rather than a threat. The world surrounding them appears desolate, conveying a sense of jagged progress within the static image.

Oil on canvas 120cm x 80cm

THE OFFERING depicts a strong figure holding the weight of a platter of gluttonous and covetable earthly objects. The world around her is not intensely burning but embers of chaos remain. Korean text is prominently present as a foreign object within her world. The Nike Uptempos are present to constantly signify the idea of cultural relevance.

Oil on Canvas 165cm x 150 cm

LOVE YOURSELF depicts two calm figures, mirror images of each other, equally causing harm with their pose. In this relaxed pose you see delicate pearl necklaces around their throats, tighter than expected. The duality of their intentions are equal, to represent the constant battle one has with oneself.

Oil on Canvas 100cm x 150cm


STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND depicts a Stoic figure, holding two spirits within a world in chaos. Donning Nike Uptempos; a symbol of cultural relevancy, with three wild hounds circling, creating a sense of urgency and anxiety. Korean text, her native heritage, is prominent and unfamiliar within this scene. In this piece, the artists depicts her internal conflict with her presence in the modern world. This scene reflects Coral uses allegory and satire to engage with contemporary social subjects.

Oil on Canvas 200cm x 100cm

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NO TIME TO DREAM depicts a main figure in a crouching pose. Her stillness is uncomfortable with the three big cats surrounding her in action. The world around her is barren, but still beautiful. A glowing dagger is placed by her feet ready to be pulled from the ground. Nike Uptempos are a constant symbol within her collection.

Oil on Canvas 165 x 150cm

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Coral X Burst_ embarked on their maiden artist collaboration at Miami's Surfcomber Hotel during the prestigious Art Basel 2022 event. Burst_, a celebrated crypto artist with a prominent presence on SuperRare, joined forces with Coral to unveil a collection of five exceptional artworks. These pieces were the result of a global collaboration that transcended geographical boundaries.

AGAINST ALL ODDS is a collection of art that seeks to encapsulate the indomitable human spirit in the face of adversity, symbolizing resilience in the most challenging circumstances.

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Sterling Silver solid pendant, naturally buffed, comprised of four custom “Happy Pills.”
Exploring the concept of "worship," my silver pendant, composed of interconnected pill shapes, symbolizes the modern inclination to worship substances as salvation or solace. It serves as a contemplative emblem, urging us to reflect on the objects or habits we revere, prompting us to question whether they truly lead to spiritual fulfillment or merely veil the underlying emptiness.

Length 5cm X Width 4cm x Depth 1cm.

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Drawing inspiration from the Greek myth of Icarus, who dared to fly too close to the sun, these sneakers stand as a symbol of the human spirit's unyielding desire for freedom and self-discovery. The flames represent the pursuit of ambition and the risks we take to rise above the ordinary. The silver chains and pearls underscore the intricate beauty that emerges when we embrace our unique individuality.

Size 39EU

DUNNO CURATED X CORAL GARVEY T SHIRT This limited edition T-shirt was hand made to showcase our collab in Soho London.

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High quality prints available upon request. 2-3 weeks.

Coral, a London-based artist, draws inspiration from her multicultural upbringing, blending tech-noir, sci-fi, and mythology in her paintings. Growing up amid diverse cultures, from the Caribbean to the United States, she explores the dynamics of identity and societal norms in the context of modernity and ancient myths. Her art serves as a bridge between her rich heritage and the fast-paced, tech-driven cities she's lived in, sparking contemplation on the interplay between tradition and progress.

In her artwork, Coral delves into narratives surrounding internet archetypes, brand worship, social media expectations, and the complexities of personal and cultural identity. Influenced by mythological figures, Tarot symbolism, the cult of Nike, Renaissance art, Tech Noir, Dystopian Punk Anime, and religious iconography, she challenges what she calls "The Invisible Rules."

Her journey from the Caribbean to the Northeast of the United States, and later to vibrant cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, and London, has fueled her work. Berlin, in particular, ignited a spark within Coral, motivating her to shed light on the subtle societal norms that unconsciously shape our lives in the digital age. Through her art, Coral invites us to explore the intricate tapestry of the human experience, transcending borders and inspiring thought-provoking dialogue.